MV Independence Island and MV Christmas Island

Here is the fleet is being readied for Wirral Open Studio Tour at the Williamson Gallery. The smaller cargo vessel is ‘Independence Island’ and her larger sister ship is ‘Christmas Island’. Both are not based on real vessels in whole, although take inspiration from real vessels.

Construction is a combination of laminated cereal packet cardboard, thin brown cardboard, PVA glue, cocktail sticks, kebab skewers, art straws, matchsticks, poster paint and tip-ex. Both date back to 2008 and have been rebuilt and modified since. Construction is such that they would not really be suitable for actual sailing, however their building and modification has provided a great deal of learning experience.

Whilst these little creations are nowhere near the standard of the fabulous models exhibited in the Williamson, it is intended to display them in small dioramas and to have at least one vessel being worked on.



At the beginning of April I picked up a nice bound notebook with lined paper and started some ‘fun with cars’ scribbles.

The subjects are pretty much whatever talks my fancy, although Wheeler Dealer episodes also help with the inspiration.

This post is work in progress; so expect a few more here shortly.